Brian Wride Music



Brian has created and is able to facilitate a number of workshops.  If your event has a "community engagement" component, or you would like to host a stand-alone workshop, there are currently three workshops to choose from:
"What does this thingy do?"
Live sound for working musicians

Why does this cable have three pins?  What's a DI?  Can I plug this in here?  What does this knob do?

You've got questions - get the answers!

Gear will be provided, but participants are invited to bring and work with their own gear.

"The Peoples' Key"
A deeper dive into the key of G

An exploration that takes us beyond "three chords and the truth".   Gain a deeper understanding of why certain chords work well together.  Look into chord extensions (add2, sus4, 7, 9, m7b5, etc).  Substitute chords for added spice.

Once these concepts are understood in one key, they can then be applied more broadly.

"Intro to Fingerstyle Guitar"
A primer for those who want to enter into the world of fingerpicking guitar

For those who want to extend their palette beyond simple strumming or flatpicking.  Arpeggios, Travis picking, etc.

Those who can comfortably play barre chords (especially F - the four string version will do) may derive more benefit from this workshop.

All of these workshops are available on a one-to-one basis as well.

E-mail for info