Brian Wride Music


About Brian

As a musician:

Brian started playing guitar in 1977, when a generous neighbour gave him an old electric guitar after they upgraded to a better instrument. He took formal lessons for several years and enjoyed playing in a "garage band" as a teenager.

When he went to university, he discovered that a number of his friends also played and they spent many evenings jamming and learning from each other. While at university, he was also able to take a music history course.
After university, Brian decided that it was time to fill in some gaps in his knowledge of musical theory, so, independently, he studied theory using the Royal Conservatory curriculum.

After moving to Uxbridge, he was involved for several years in the music program at Uxbridge Baptist Church, playing regularly in the worship band, and continues to help out whenever he can.

Brian has also spent some time learning to play the mandolin and briefly was able to start into the fiddle - until children arrived on the scene.  A number of years ago, as a result of being asked to help out with a school play, Brian also took up the bass guitar.

In 2009, Brian attended his first open mic and and since then he has become a fixture in the local music scene, making regular appearances at various local venues, festivals, and events.  In 2017, Brian started hosted a weekly open mic at Col. McGrady's in Uxbridge.  Currently, he enjoys hosting acoustic open mics on Tuesday's at Castle John's in Port Perry and Thursdays at The Corner House in Uxbridge.

As a music teacher:

Brian started teaching music in 2004 after three people approached him in the same week to see if he would. Teaching guitar has since become one of the great joys of his life.

Brian's teaching style is fairly formal. He thinks that it is important for a musician to be able to read music, understand musical theory,  and be exposed to a wide variety of musical styles. He also thinks that it is important to be able to perform for people, so he is inclined to teach complete tunes rather than riffs and licks. Of course Brian doesn't mind slanting the curriculum towards a student's musical tastes and/or strengths.

Memberships and affiliations:

Greenbank Folk Music Society - Volunteer

Scugog Arts - Member

Music Ontario - Member

Folk Music Ontario - Member

SPARC (Supporting Performing Arts in Rural & Remote Communities) - Member