Brian Wride Music


Open Mics

Uxbridge & Port Perry

Please note that both open mics will be taking a break from July 1st until September 11, 2024.

Open mics are where Brian's musical interests converge.  They are a place where people can entertain, be entertained, and grow as musicians (while Brian gets to be the techie).  Brian's open mics are recognized for their musical diversity, supportive vibe, and excellent sound quality.

Brian currently hosts two weekly open mics in North Durham:

Tuesday Night Open Mic at Castle John's - 6 pm, 1894 Scugog St., Port Perry

Thursday Night Open Mic at The Corner House - 6:30 pm, 104 Brock St. W., Uxbridge

Bring your instrument and share your music or just come and be entertained by the local talent.  All ages and abilities are welcome.  Both open mics lean towards the acoustic side of things, but electric instruments are welcome (though plugging directly into the PA or bringing a small amplifier is preferred - Brian controls the volume).

If you want to perform, there will be a sign up sheet available half an hour before the start time.  Please introduce yourself so he can put a face to the name on the sheet.  Brian will start the evening with a few tunes and then start through the sign up sheet.  Each performer will perform 3-4 tunes, depending on how busy the night is. If there is time, we will go back to the top of the list for another song or two.

Collaboration is encouraged, but please wait to be invited before joining in.

If you are on Facebook, you can join these Groups to stay up to date:

Castle John's, Port Perry - Open Mic Community

Corner House, Uxbridge - Open Mic Community


Please remember to support the venue when attending our open mics. You don't necessarily have to drink alcohol, but as much as possible, you should come hungry and order food (maybe dessert) and something to drink other than water. It's amazing that we have a place to hone our craft but it's not sustainable if it's not profitable.

If you are truly in a place where you can't afford to support the venue financially, we would still love to see you and there are other ways to support the venue:

  • Invite friends,

  • Follow the venue on social media and like/share their posts.

  • Provide a good online rating.

We have a good thing happening here, lets keep it going!

Read Brian's article from UFOREA Zine on Open Mic Etiquette.